Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alice Cooper Day (for you old folks)


It is the last day of school for my students and in spite of the heavy rains yesterday, all the end of year activities went well. We have a picnic this afternoon and then off they go! Birds are still pretty active and visible. I had a great look at an Eastern Towhee singing high up in a tree and lots of Phoebes on nests under the little picnic shelters in the local park.

I am getting ready for the trip up north and if anybody has some suggestions of "shouldn't miss" spots in Alaska around Valdez, Whittier or Anchorage, please feel free to pass those along. I will be arriving in Fairbanks Saturday night and from there will have a full schedule until the 26th. I'll keep the blog updated with all the good stuff I find up north.

A final sorta sad note is that in last night's storm, I had a small Mountain Ash blow down onto my deck and as sad as I am to lose a tree, I am really going to miss the opportunity to catch lots of Cedar Waxwings in September when the fruits are ripe. On the other hand I get to put a new tree in its place and the possibilities are many.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you consider visiting because some excellent volunteer Alaska birding tour guides will either talk to you about prime birding spots, go with you (for free), or both.

Bring bug jacket and bug pants!


Minnesota Birdnerd said...

Thanks so much for the tip. I leave in about 7 hours!