Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Busy Week Before I Leave

This is the last week of school for my district and it is busy as always. This year, besides the need to maintain my sanity these last days, I am also trying to get ready to head off to Alaska for 3 weeks. I head up to Fairbanks on Saturday to do some work as part of a National Science Foundation grant. After the institute is over a couple of friends and I are going to play for another week around Prince William Sound and I hope to really add to my life/Alaska lists. I do plan on updating the blog while I'm up there so I hope everybody will keep checking back to see what I've posted. I will try to update the blog before I leave.

On the bird front, it is now the breeding season around here. If there are any typical migrant species still around we figure they are non-breeders (second-year birds?) that got stopped short by the weird spring weather. There are always reports of the odd individual here and there and that is what will keep us busy until mid-July when, believe it or not, the southward migration will be starting. We will continue banding with a session at Carver Park Reserve on June 21st. I will post the results when I get back from up north.

Until then, Good Birding!

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