Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Baby Cowbird

I was sitting in my family room when I heard an incessant begging sound coming from my deck. When I looked out the door this is what I saw:
I immediately knew what it was only because about this time every summer I get one of these youngsters hanging around. I also know that the "parent" raising this bird is working it's retrices off. Sure enough, after just a couple of minutes the adult showed up.
This poor Chipping Sparrow was kept hustling by the constant cries of the fledgling Brown-headed Cowbird. I didn't even have to see the adult to know it was coming into the yard when the begging started.

 Between feedings it was bath time and the cowbird just parked itself in the birdbath.

It must have been like a day at the beach.
Of course, the feeding kept up no matter where the young bird was. Reminded me of the kids who yell to mom for a glass of water when they are perfectly capable of getting it themselves. Not to be anthropomorphic...
Amazingly, the birds pretty much ignored me. The adult was too busy trying to feed "baby Huey" and the youngster was too busy harassing the adult.

If you just keep eyes and ears open you don't have to go very far to see interesting behaviors right in your own backyard. As fall migration begins to accelerate, there should be more and more interesting things showing up in your neck of the woods.

Good Birding!


WordBirdNerd said...

I enjoyed the photographs and the captions in equal measure. You're a great storyteller!

Minnesota Birdnerd said...

Thanks for the kind words.