Friday, December 20, 2013

A Visitor From the North

    I've never really been a "chaser". If an unusual bird shows up in Minnesota there are plenty of people (those of more means and free time than I) who don't hesitate to jump in a car and go to see the current rarity. I don't resist based on some philosophical basis, I believe I'm just lazy. What gets me is that deep down I'd really like to do the chase too. A case in point is this week when a friend of mine sent a photo with the question "What is this?" Well wouldn't you know it's a dandy!
     Up by McGregor, MN a guy has this Varied Thrush hanging out around his house and says it's been there a while. I even have directions to his house. The drive would be well over 100 miles one way and would be through the cold and snow predicted this weekend. So my decision? Maybe I'll wait until the bird shows up in my yard. Then I'll can tick off a new species for Minnesota on my list and sit back in my rocking chair with my coffee. I think I'll start a new movement called "Slow Birding" (with apologies to the Slow Food community). Anyone care to join me?


Anonymous said...

Great idea - slow birding! I occasionally chase, but would not in cold and snow either.

MarkN said...

I'm with you all the way!