Saturday, November 9, 2013

Birds Moving Across Lake Superior?

    Looking at radar tonight there is what I think is an odd signature showing up in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area of Lake Superior. It looks like radar is picking up a movement across the lake from the north shore of Minnesota to the Bayfield Penninsula. The following images are in chronological order. They cover an hour and ten minutes, approximately 8:50 pm to 10:00 pm.

   I believe these may be birds because the signature is developing in a different orientation than the prevailing weather pattern in the area. Notice also the developing radar returns over southern Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois. I will be very interested to see if there are any observations in Wisconsin tomorrow than confirm this radar pattern.
   Anybody out and about on Sunday morning around Bayfield, Washburn and Ashland may notice a change in bird numbers. Of course, it's early and the birds may continue to move or I may be completely wrong about what radar is showing. Fun to speculate though isn't it?

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