Friday, January 16, 2009

A Break in the Cold

We have finally seen the outside temperature rise above 0 degrees F for the first time in 86 hours.In a couple of days when it's getting toward 30+ degrees we'll all be talking trash about how it wasn't that bad and how winters when we were kids were a lot colder, etc.. But this was a pretty nippy 3 1/2 days we've been through.

The good news is that the timing of this warm up is just in time for our monthly banding session at Carver Park near Victoria, MN. We'll open the station from 9 - noon and will use traps instead of nets. With this break in temperatures I expect the feeders to be busy as birds try to refuel after hunkering down for the last few days.

Crazy as it sounds, the talk is a warm up to the point of getting some freezing RAIN on Monday possibly.

I'll post tomorrow with anything interesting from the banding day. Enjoy the heat wave!

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