Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good morning (Fairbanks time anyway).

We are getting into the meat of the work here today and will be spending most of the day on computers but I was able to get out and take a walk earlier. I am seeing juvenile American Robins on campus which surprised me for some reason. I assumed, incorrectly, that breeding season would be later here. I spotted a pair of American Kestrels sitting on light posts on campus and still marvel at all the Dark-eyed Juncos sitting in the tops of the spruce trees, singing their day away.

The weather has been cool with mist now and then. It is supposed to clear up as the week ends. There is good news for the two lost hikers in Denali NP, one of whom is from Gaylord, MN. They have been found alive and well after 6 days in the park. It was a cell phone that enabled them to finally contact the parents of one of the women.

We'll have some time later and I think I'll battle the mosquitoes and see if I can add some new species to my Alaska list.

More tomorrow...

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