Thursday, May 22, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

Things sure change in a hurry! Yesterday was loaded with a good variety of birds and we were catching stuff in the middle of the afternoon and then...slam! It appears that most of what was around yesterday was gone today. They're probably enjoying the sights in Duluth right now. Radar reports from last night indicated a BIG movement. I think it was a big movement out of here. It does sound like there is more on the way but the change was incredible.

I had my students out today and most of what we saw were species that are going to stay and breed, though there were one or two migrants still around. We had a Northern Waterthrush and a Northern Shoveler hanging around the Minnesota River Valley along with lots of Baltimore Orioles and more Green Herons in one place than I have ever seen. Tonight as I was driving to pick up my son I saw my first Common Nighthawk of the year.

And just to show you that even a day without tons of exciting birds can be great, my class got a chance to watch a River Otter playing in a small pond in the refuge. He had no concerns about all of us standing there, he just wanted to eat.

Tomorrow it's back out into the field and some banding at Ritter Farm Park in Lakeville if the weather holds.

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