Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Migration Continues

With the start of my spring ornithology class, I get to be outside every day in the best birding spots that I can find in the area. Good duty if you can get it! The 24 students in class have already seen things they didn't even know existed and I remember how much excitement a Green Heron or an Eastern Bluebird can elicit. Not to mention the excitement I experienced as I was able to show the kids a Blackburnian Warbler high up in an oak.

We set nets this afternoon and saw both a Swainson's Thrush and a House Wren up close. I think the kids that helped let them go are on their way to becoming seriously "hooked" birders. The Palm Warbler above was my own little prize, captured after the kids had left for the day.

I got some nice comments from folks after Sunday's Bird Festival in Lakeville, MN and I think Scott Taylor got some great shots during our banding session. Check out his gallery and notice the yellow faced Tennessee Warblers.

We still have Yellow-rumped and Palm Warblers around school and the weather looks like it might keep them here another day or two. Tomorrow we are going to explore the Minnesota River NWR around the Old Cedar Bridge. Different habitat and a whole new set of challenges for the students. We'll see what they think of Yellow-headed Blackbirds!


Lynne said...

I assume the ornithology class is for high school students. I don't suppose you'd consider teaching one for adults?

LauraO said...

Great shots and posts. Please send your weather here - our banding days have been seriously compromised by rain and wind.

LauraO said...

Great pictures and posts! Please send your weather here, we could use some good banding weather!