Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Tangent

I am going to go a bit off the topic of birds today because I just had the chance to hear a wonderful speaker at the National Geographic Live event in downtown Minneapolis tonight. Annie Griffiths Belt gave a great presentation about her travels around the world with her camera and her kids. She said so much that made sense about the world as she has found it that I came away with a renewed feeling of hope for the future. I also came away with that dreaded "What have I done with my life?" feeling that i always get when I hear a speaker who has had an impact in the world in some way. Call me naive, foolish, unrealistic or whatever you want, I think more people should get the chance to hear from the people who really see the world as it is and not have their perceptions formed for them by a media that often doesn't serve the truth very well.

Go out. Experience the world. Take your kids or a neighbor's kid with you to see the real world, not the world of the electronic screen. Understand that the world is not nearly as scary as many people think.

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