Friday, March 21, 2008

This is NOT Funny

Welcome to the first day of spring in Minnesota. I woke up this morning ready to enjoy my vacation. I had big plans...maybe hike the local refuge, maybe drive down the river to look for early waterfowl moving north, maybe get to cleaning up all that stuff in the yard (O.K., O.K. 2 of the 3 anyway), and then THIS. It looks like I'll spend the day trying to keep the feeders uncovered. Poor juncos flitting all over trying to find seeds. The cardinals are still singing up a storm. But...they say this will be short-lived. Might be melted by Sunday. We'll see. For all you folks in warm places I've added some photos to entertain you.

I measured the snow fall so far and it's at 7" on my deck rail.

It sure seems like it will be a long time before we get apples off this tree.

The kids are really bummed because if we had school today there's a good chance they would have called a "snow day". My 14 year old thinks of it as the ultimate missed opportunity.



thepowerguides said...

7 inches you are ahead of us we are at 6 inches so far and predicted 15 inches by the end tonight here on Illinois / Wisconsin border .

I filled up all the bird feeders yesterday when I knew it was coming and I reckon the birds are appreciating it as I am looking at 18 of them sat on the feeders right now


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem in Fargo, clean the snow off the feeders. :)

Craig said...

Hey Birdnerd, thanks for including me in the 6 word meme, it gave me the opportunity to find and read your blog. Very nice. I've added you to my bird blog list. As for the snow, we had about the same here and I was feeling pretty much the same as you.