Wednesday, December 19, 2007

CBC Aftermath

A short reflection on the Christmas Bird Counts of the past weekend. I personally haven't done a CBC for a few years. When the person who coordinated the count I helped with retired, it just lost that social aspect that is so important in convincing me it's a good idea to get up at 5 am to listen for owls and then spend the rest of a usually cold day tromping around in the woods not finding very much. I fear I am becoming a bit of a wimp.

I do however love to read the results that are posted from counts all over Minnesota and Wisconsin. From what people are reporting, it may be a good winter to get out and about to see things like winter finches and shrikes. My next big count will be on the drive from Minneapolis to Chicago for the Christmas holidays. I always challenge my oldest son to see who can spot the most hawks sitting along the interstate as we wiz by at 70mph. In the past, I've been pretty confident but #1 son is getting better at seeing birds and I feel the need to pay attention to driving. Go figure.

So it sounds like there's a chance to see snow this weekend in the midwest. Buckle down and stay warm!

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