Sunday, January 13, 2019

Water is a Magnet for Birds

After a slow few weeks of activity in my yard, i was amazed today when I had a crowd of birds hanging out most of the day and it all had to do with water. I have a heated birdbath on my deck and as soon as I filled it up today the birds came in like nails to a magnet.

The first birds in were a flock of robins that had been in a neighbors yard. There was such a competition for a bath that some of the birds got belligerent.
Even birds can be bullies I guess.
 A couple of cardinals waited their turn with patience.
Lots of American Goldfinches took advantage of the water. It also looks like they are beginning their spring molt. A few of the males are showing patches of black feathers on their foreheads.
I was very happy to finally have some Pine Siskins show up in the yard. I know a few friends who have had them for a while but today was the first I had them around.
One Cedar Waxwing showed up and only stayed a few minutes.
I even had this Northern Flicker come in to take a turn in the birdbath. All in all I ended up seeing 18 different species of birds in the yard today. I hope they stick around a while longer, they made it sound like spring .

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