Sunday, November 4, 2018

Field Season Comes to an End

Well it was a good year for banding and I got out as much as I could but it looks like the weather is going to keep me away from the banding site for a few months. I did get out on Saturday before it began to rain and actually had a nice morning though it was pretty quiet most of the time. I ended with 11 birds of 4 species. Two birds were retraps (chickadees).


Black-capped Chickadee      5 new  2 retrap
Dark-eyed Junco                  1 new
American Tree Sparrow        2 new
Northern Cardinal                 1 new

I especially liked getting the Am. Tree Sparrows. I think they are just beautiful!
These really say "winter" to me. They are tough little birds.
The bicolored bill is always a good field mark.
And of course the junco is the most common sparrow here in the winter. This male had quite a bit of stored fat so he may not be quite to his winter vacation spot jut yet.

I'll keep posting bits here and there. The Christmas Bird Count is coming in a little over a month. Northward migration will begin in January.

Remember, year round there are always birds migrating somewhere in the world!

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