Sunday, April 10, 2016

Birding on a Sunday Afternoon

As hard as it seems for spring to get here, I was able to get out this afternoon and do a little birding. I wasn't sure how good the birding would be since the winds were pretty stiff. Luckily they also brought some warmer temperatures. We may have hit 60 degrees today.

I headed down to Erikson Pond (180th Street Marsh) to see if any new waterfowl had shown up and I was not disappointed to find American Widgeon, Greater White-fronted Goose and this fellow -
 There were 4 Wilson's Snipe probing the wet grasses for food. They didn't appear bothered by all the other waterfowl around.
Lots of male Red-winged Blackbirds are on territory but along with them I did get a chance to see my first Yellow-headed Blackbird. This pond is the most reliable spot for Yellow-headeds that I know.

As I was rolling along the road, looking for anything else exciting I stumbled upon this Northern Harrier.
With the wind and the bird's constant motion it was hard to get a steady shot. I was ready to chase it down the road for a better shot when all of a sudden it turned and faced me. This is the best look I got.
It would be nice if it were a little clearer but there is no mistaking that facial pattern. A fun afternoon and a few more FOY birds. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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