Monday, February 16, 2015

Sax-Zim Bog Trip - Hoary Redpoll

   So I went up to northern Minnesota with a couple of friends yesterday to do a little winter birding. It was COLD. The temperature never got above zero degrees but we did see some great birds. Top of the list was a Great Gray Owl that we saw as we started to head home. Literally the last tick on the checklist for the day. Saw big numbers of Pine Siskins, Purple Finches and Common Redpolls. Which brings me to the purpose of this post.

   I saw what I believe is a Hoary Redpoll in a small group of redpolls along Admiral Road (just south of the feeders for those who know the area).

    Here are some photos that I hope will be definitive.

    The bird was very light. Only had faint streaking on sides and color on chest confined to small area.
     Compared to other bird in picture bill looks shorter. Yes, I know head angle can distort this but I'm giving it a shot.
    Unfortunately I couldn't get a shot of the back. I'm throwing it out there folks - does anyone think this is good enough to be called a Hoary Redpoll. We saw dozens and dozens of redpolls yesterday and I saw 2 that I put into the Hoary category. Now I'm hoping you can tell me if you agree or disagree and why.

   Besides this puzzle we had a really good day but struck out on a couple of what should have been easy finds. No White-breasted Nuthatch and no American Goldfinch. Go figure!

   Thanks for the input.


Jim Ryan said...

Hi Roger,
I'd say yes. Here is what David Sibley says:

Sue Keator said...

Not an expert by any means, but I would certainly vote Hoary!

Anonymous said...

Yes, H. Redpoll
Dennis Meyer