Saturday, October 18, 2014

Birds Across Lake Superior (and other places!)

    Checking radar tonight before tomorrow morning's banding session at Carver Park shows good migration movement. What I really like are the returns from the north shore of Lake Superior.
   It looks like lots of birds are making the jump from Minnesota to northern Wisconsin and the U.P of Michigan. Duluth looks a bit lighter in migration activity but Milwaukee, Chicago and points south are still very active.
   We should be seeing these movements begin to lessen in the next week or two in the Great Lakes region. Activity will continue in the south for a while yet.
   Many of the birds moving south are likely species like Dark-eyed Junco, Kinglets, other late Sparrows (Harris', Fox, etc.) and waterfowl. Warblers, except for Yellow-rumped are pretty much gone from my area. I did have a good number of Hermit Thrushes last week at my banding station.

   I will post results for tomorrows banding session on Sunday.

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