Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Migration in the Southeast

   Tonight it looks like the busiest spot for migration is in the southeastern U.S.. The heavy movement looks to be in Georgia and northern Florida. The image below is even picking up birds making the jump from south Florida over to Cuba on their first hop across the Caribbean.
    The movement in my neck of the woods is slowing down but we should have 2-3 weeks of migration yet even here. The warm weather is certainly making it easy for birds to stick around a bit longer than maybe they usually would. A cold front arrives in Minnesota this weekend so that may encourage any birds that have been hanging around to get up and go.
    Word from up north is that the Northern Saw-whet Owls are showing up in good numbers. One banding station banded 150 owls in one night. My friends who band by me are starting to put in some long nights trying to catch some NSWO as they pass through. Only banders think sitting in a cold car all night is fun...

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