Friday, September 13, 2013

The South is Rising Tonight least the birds are. The radar at 10:00 pm CST shows really heavy movement south from the Ohio River Valley and central Missouri. Pretty much anywhere below the Mason-Dixon Line (do you see a theme in this post?)

Anyway this is what it looks like now -
Of course, up here in Minnesota where we're having a bit of a cool spell there appears to be little if any action tonight. No matter. I'm headed out to the banding site tomorrow morning and then to Ritter Farm Park on Sunday morning to see if I can add some jewelry to the warblers and vireos passing through. I'll post an update.


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amr said...

Thanks for making it sound like migration may yet happen again. The first weekend of Sept (7-8), I had two of the best birding half-hours ever in my backyard in Brooklyn Park, MN. Then this weekend, I went out into parks and I only saw one bird that wasn't a summer resident, and couldn't even ID the sparrow.

I feared every bird came through the one weekend where I couldn't afford to be out in nature much.