Monday, April 16, 2012

Wind Riders

     Those strong winds out of the south on Saturday night had me chasing all over the area on Sunday trying to see some unusual visitors that were found pretty close to where I live. I saw the state listserve messages in the morning and immediately got in the car to chase a Black-necked Stilt that my friend Sue P. had found in the Minnesota River Valley. It's always easy to know where a rare bird is by just looking for the crowd of people looking through spotting scopes, pointing and talking in low tones. I ticked that one off in about 20 minutes after it decided to come out from behind a tall line of dead cattails.
     As cool as it was to watch it feed from a close distance I pulled myself away and headed down to Lake Byllesby to look for a group of 7 White-faced Ibis which were seen on the mudflats that I usually visit to look for shorebirds. Found Sue P. checking out some shorebirds but didn't see the ibis. Not sure where they went but I almost expect to see a report anytime. I did get to add Baird's Sandpiper to my year list but the winds were not cooperative. In fact, we got chased out as a strong storm front moved into the area.
     The conditions during the day were warm and humid, almost tropical. This morning it is 37 degrees and snow flurries. Go figure...

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