Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quiet Weather Means Birds Moving

The weather finally has moved out of the midwest and into the northeast. This means relatively quiet conditions in the Mississippi Valley and the southeast. A look at the weather radar tonight shows lots of movement in the eastern half of the U.S..

Here are two images from tonight. The first is right around sundown here in the midwest -
Notice how the returns are already darker in the southeast where the sun has been down for a while.
This next image is from about an hour later, 9:10 pm CST. Note the heavier returns all across the region-
Note the weather front in the upper right hand corner of the image. On the front side of that line there is little if any movement showing up on radar. Folks in the northeast probably won't see as much movement as in the midwest tonight. Once that front moves through bird activity should increase, probably tomorrow.

I was out and about tonight and saw my first American White Pelicans of the year but in spite of lots of mudflats at a local reservoir I only saw a couple of shorebirds. Maybe we'll see some more this week.
Keep looking up!

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The Broadstairs Birder said...

Hi, from the u.k. really enjoyed your blog and have added you to my list of blogs to follow. Best Wishes Phil.