Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Sax-Zim Photos

      Looking through the photos I took up at the bog in January I found 3 more to post for people to see. The first shows both species of chickadees that are found at the bog. Just click on the photo for a better view.
    One of the real treats to visiting northern Minnesota is the chance to see both Evening and Pine Grosbeaks close up. When I was a college student in northern Wisconsin, Evening Grosbeaks were the most common birds at feeders in the winter. It wasn't until the populations of these birds began to decline that I understood just how lucky I had been to see them in the numbers I did.
    Finally, as birders know, some of the best sightings happen as you're traveling along and just happen to look in the right place at the right time. This Rough-legged Hawk was sitting off the side of the road as we were heading to another location and was found just by the fact that there were lots of eyes looking in lots of directions.
    Hope you enjoy the look at some northern birds!

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