Friday, October 14, 2011

The Radar is Lit Up Tonight!

My friend Sue alerted me to the fact that the radar is really active tonight (actually 3 am Friday). I usually see returns like this in the spring but it sure looks like a huge movement of birds southward tonight. Most of the concentration appears to be in the southern Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois area.

Based on what has been around here lately I'm guessing that most of what is moving are the late warblers, especially Yellow-rumps which have been here in big numbers for the last week and sparrows. I have seen reports of birders seeing flocks of migrating sparrows with multiple species.

The forecast for my area of Minnesota is for cooler temps but precipitation should stay away for the next couple of days so we'll see how birding is this weekend. I know that the big influx in my yard has been of Dark eyed Juncos. The ones here now will move on and the winter residents won't be here for a few weeks yet.

Time to get out birding!

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sarah said...

Dont forget the bird seed with all that snow we are getting