Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Crow Pictures

Yesterday I posted a couple of marginal pictures of a crow in my yard with a strange growth on its face. The responses I've gotten so far land on either an engorged tick of possibly avian pox. Luckily the bird returned and I was able to get much better shots of the growth in question. I'm now pretty sure it is not a tick.

The cooperative bird gave me views from both sides of its face and the structure of the growth is much more visible. I still don't have a clue to its origin but if anyone has a guess I'd love to hear it.

The bird still seems normal in all respects except for this object. I hope the bird will continue to hang around my yard so I track any changes in its behavior or in the growth itself. Meanwhile, I think it's time to start looking for migrants. Cheers!

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ambersunlady2 said...

I notice you wrote this some time ago, but I presently have a great crow feeding at a larger feeder with a larger, but similar, mass on top of his beak which seems to be this pox. I am going to try and get a photo tomorrow. Were you able to follow your crow through the healing process? Sunny