Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coastal Fallout?

This morning I took a look at the radar images for the southern U.S. and saw what I think is a big movement of birds across the Gulf of Mexico. I am not as familiar with these sorts of images as I am with overland images so I'm looking for a little feedback. I'm especially interested in the area around Brownsville and southwest. It looks like some of the returns around Galveston might be weather related. Anybody along the Texas coast seeing a fallout or anything that might confirm that the image posted is of birds and not something else?

Up here in Minnesota we're bracing for a bit of April snow and wondering if spring will ever get here. Early migrants like Yellow-rumped Warblers and Fox Sparrows are here in good numbers but the warblers will have a hard time finding food the next couple of days. Hopefully things will turn around in time for Earth Day.


Anonymous said...

Hey - I am really happy to discover this. great job!

ruhm0002 said...

Just saw a yellow-rumped in the back yard last week. I haven't had much diversity since hanging a feeder at the new place, so I was quite happy to see something other than a junco or house sparrow :)