Friday, October 29, 2010

Birds moving in the eastern U.S.

I was checking to see what might be going on with migration now that the big low pressure system has moved through and thing are getting back to normal. Well it looks like there is a lot of movement in the eastern U.S. south of the Great Lakes. The middle of the country is pretty quiet.

This image from CONUS shows lots of birds taking advantage of winds out of the north/northwest. It warmed up a bit today in places that had a hard freeze last night. I'm in Ohio for the annual Inland Bird Banders Association meeting and this movement might bode well for the banding demos tomorrow morning at Black Swamp Bird Observatory. I'm really excited about the possibility of seeing some shorebird banding on Sunday.

The weather sounds like it should cooperate. If the birds cooperate, I'll post some photos!

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