Sunday, March 28, 2010

Movement in the Dakotas

I was checking the radar tonight to see if there was any movement ahead of the predicted warm up for the upper midwest this week and it doesn't look like much except in the Dakotas. It looks like there might be some significant movement tonight.

There are two big weather systems on either coast with the east coast really being affected. The next 2-3 days shoud be interesting as a high pressure system settles over the plains and brings highs in the 70's to the upper Mississippi River Valley by mid-week.

The other interesting spot is off the north coast of Cuba. It looks like a movement of migrants is making the jump from Cuba to the Florida peninsula and is being picked up by radar in Key West. There are storms over Florida so the migrants should make landfall shortly after reaching the southern tip of the mainland state.

Both of these images are from NOAA.

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