Monday, February 15, 2010

Banding Totals

I've finally got some time to sit down and do a bit of data crunching with my banding numbers and I am quite proud of how things have gone since I got my subpermit in 2003 (thank-you Mark!)

As of the end of 2009, I have banded 1060 individuals of 65 species. Of course this doesn't include all the birds I've handled on other peoples projects so the numbers would be even higher if I included them.

For 2009 I have banded the following:

American Goldfinch (AMGO) 14
American Redstart (AMRE) 3
American Robin (AMRO) 4
Black and White Warbler (BAWW) 1
Black-capped Chickadee (BCCH) 42
Brown-headed Cowbird (BHCO) 1
Blue-headed Vireo (BHVI) 1
Blue Jay (BLJA) 3
Brown Thrasher (BRTH) 2
Canada WArbler (CAWA) 1
Cedar Waxwing (CEDW) 12
Downy Woodpecker (DOWO) 9
Eastern Bluebird (EABL) 8
Eastern Wood Pewee (EAWP) 1
Eastern Tufted Titmouse (ETTI) 3
Fox Sparrow (FOSP) 5
Golden-crowned Kinglet (GCKI) 2
Gray Catbird (GRCA) 2
House Wren (HOWR) 2
Indigo Bunting (INBU) 1
Least Flycatcher (LEFL) 4
Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler (MYWA) 13
Nashville Warbler (NAWA) 3
Northern Cardinal (NOCA) 8
Orange-crowned Warbler (OCWA) 2
Ovenbird (OVEN) 3
Purple Martin (PUMA) 163
Ruby-crowned Kinglet (RCKI) 4
Red-eyed Vireo (REVI) 3
Red-winged Blackbird (RWBL) 1
Dark-eyed Junco (SCJU) 21
Song Sparrow (SOSP) 4
Swainson's Thrush (SWTH) 2
Tennessee Warbler (TEWA) 4
Trail's Flycatcher (TRFL) 1
Whiye-breasted Nuthatch (WBNU) 7
Western Palm Warbler (WPWA) 1
White-throated Sparrow (WTSP) 11
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (YBFL) 1

That's a total of 39 species and 373 individuals. I'd say it was a pretty good year. The goal for 2010...400+ birds!

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MarkN said...

Nice list, nice goal!