Saturday, November 28, 2009

Update on Fork-tailed Flycatcher

Well the pictures of the flycatcher really caused a buzz for a day or so. I feel bad that I didn't have more details about location. I did hear that the bird had been seen at this location in Pine County, MN from Nov. 18th to the 25th. I don't know if anyone besides the person who took the photos got to see it. I believe this is only the 3rd state record for this species. A couple of people in the Minnesota Ornithologists Union were contacted and I believe the bird will be documented so it can be accepted as "official". I'll see what folks say at next weeks MOU meeting.

Thanks to all who responded to the post. Not a bad end to the fall season!

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Anonymous said...

Fork-tailed Flycatcher was seen and photographed on 25-Nov-2009 in East Moline, IL Rock Island County. Presumably the same bird.