Monday, October 12, 2009

Mid-October Snow!

The weather is forever entertaining but this is a bit ridiculous. Snow is falling as I type and the prediction is for 2-3 inches by noon. Luckily, the temps should warm up enough that the snow should be gone tomorrow. Normally we should be enjoying temps in the 60's. This is more like November and I really don't want to rush the calendar.

It will be interesting to see what this front might push into the area. Anything good out there? I know Wisconsin is hosting a Rufous Hummingbird right now and that last week there were several jaegers seen along the south shore of Lake Superior. I think this weekend will be nice enough to do a bit of searching around but unless things change significantly banding season may be over for the year. I hope not.

For a bit oh humor to get you through the day see this blurb on a "new bird species".

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Jim H said...

I wish we were getting your snow, here on the Arctic coast of Alaska we are in a thaw. It has been above freezing for several days now and most of our snow has melted and the river ice has become unsafe to walk on. It is raining right now! Seems you got our weather and you have ours.
On a bird note our last snow buntings left here on the 9th of October, heading your way perhaps.
Enjoy the snow!!!!