Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back after a bit of a Break

I haven't had much to post lately so I've been away but it is getting to that time of the year when birding and banding start to pick up again.

Saturday we're banding at the Lowry Nature Center and we may be able to catch some of the early southbound migrants that some people are talking about. It will be a fun day and we'll have visitors from out east to help out at the station. There is also a Birds n Beers get together that night at Merlin's Rest in Minneapolis. If you come out to banding, watch for PGA Championship traffic as Hazeltine NGC is close to the park.

A researcher at the University of Iowa is doing a study of banders and their exposure to avian inluenza. If you band non-passerines or are just interested in the study, check out the story here.

I hope to have a more regular presence now that birding is picking up. See you next time.

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