Monday, July 27, 2009

Sedge Wrens and Osprey

I spent Sunday morning trying to catch Sedge Wrens and their young without much luck at Carver Park near Victoria, MN. The nesting season is almost over and the birds are not as responsive to tape calls as earlier in the summer. Lots of young birds present and I also observed an adult carrying fecal sacs from a nest so there are still birds on territory.
Other observations included lots of Cormorants flying overhead, Clay-colored Sparrows singing and Meadowlarks hanging out along the telephone wires. I stopped by one of the osprey platforms and took a little video of 3 youngsters hanging out. Here is a short clip.

Carver Park Osprey from Roger Everhart on Vimeo.

The weather has been cooler and much drier than normal and you can really tell from the absence of insects. No big swarms of mosquitoes and the deer flies were actually tolerable yesterday.


MaineBirder said...

Nice video! Love the calls that Osprey make.

troutbirder said...

What a neat video. I love to watch the ospreys fish when Im doing the same on the Mississippi. They work at it a lot harder than I do!

dAwN said...

Cool Video! A wonderful bird to watch!
See you both on Saturday! Looking forward to it!

dAwN said...

OK..I know I commented but I had three blogs open at once..and got my self confused..LOL..see u at the bird banding session.
Hope you can join all of us BwBTC for more birding on sat!