Thursday, April 30, 2009

Movement North Continues in South

The migration across Texas Wednesday night is setting up an air of anticipation here in the north. All those birds heading up should be here in a week or so. It is interesting to note that the gulf coast of Texas looks like it is lacking in birds. I brought up the Houston radar image below.

Instead of a donut shaped ring around Houston the image is lopsided. This indicates that the distribution of birds is concentrated more to the north of the city than along the waterfront. My guess is that the birds already present are moving out and there is not a flight moving into the area from over the gulf yet. I would love to know what the species are that are moving. I suspect a lot of them are warblers.

Around school today we are starting to see new migrant species showing up and the general activity in the area increasing. My students were able to find 4 species of sparrow just sitting watching our feeder station. Also got to see a gorgeous male Yellow-rumped Warbler.

The first Minnesota Youth Birding Festival is being held this Saturday at Carver Park Reserve in Victoria, Minnesota. I'll be out there setting nets and trying to a birds into each participants hands. Nothing else hooks the kids quite like that.

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