Friday, April 24, 2009

Migrants Cover Entire Eastern U.S.

The strong warm front dominating the eastern U.S. with it's associated strong southerly winds has really got the birds moving. The heaviest concentrations of birds are the locations where the dark blue circles have a greenish center. This is approaching the heaviest concentrations seen in migration. Lots of birds moving north tonight.

This image shows movement over the Caribbean of birds coming out of Cuba and heading over Key West, Florida. Cuban Radar at Casablanca is showing movement tonight off the north coast of the island.

The movement along the gulf coast at Brownsville, Texas has been very consistent the last couple of weeks and tonight is no exception. An attempt to look at images from Tampico and Cancun, Mexico were not successful as these Mexican radar stations are not working. I have no idea what trans-gulf movement may look like tonight.

Images like these could be seen off and on until the end of May possibly.


M. Miriam Herrera said...

This is so cool, and you are so cool for doing this!

Anonymous said...

The Cuban site gives a blank page

Anonymous said...

Cuban site finally came up but, it took 4 tries.