Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Big Move

As predicted, the strong southerly winds that have dominated the middle of the country the last couple of days have got the birds up and moving. Check out the Texas gulf coast! The next few days should be great as far as new arrivals into the area (actually, into lots of areas) and I'm really looking forward to the banding session coming up on Saturday.

Another highlight is that I'm going to be working with my son to get him comfortable taking birds out of nets and helping at the banding table scribing (recording data). I'm bound and determined to get a helper out of this.

The winds have blown in a rare visitor to Minneapolis. A Sage Thrasher is being seen near one of the lakes in south Minneapolis and is being very cooperative for birders. Some nice photos at the MOU Recently Seen Gallery. If time allows and the bird sticks around I might try to chase it this weekend.


MarkN said...

Looks like Thursday night's migration was even more impressive, if I'm reading my donuts correctly...

Kirk Mona said...

I tried for the Thrasher this afternoon and it didn't appear to be there. I hope it is still around. Let us know if you spot it.