Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Slow Weekend

I finally had a chance to get out and do a little birding yesterday but even though the temps were not bad and the wind hadn't picked up yet, the birding was pretty slow. The farm fields held lots of Horned Larks like the fellow above but not much else. The water hasn't really opened up anywhere away from the rivers yet so no early waterfowl to see. There is movement to the south (way south) so it will be a while before we get into any serious early spring birding.

This image is from Sunday night at 10:15 pm (That would have corresponded to 9:15 yesterday). There is some indication of movement and will probably increase for an hour more or so. The concentration still remains south of the Ohio River Valley. Notice that along the Texas and Florida coast the green does not extend over the water. Birds stick to moving over land. That's another way to tell if what you're seeing is birds or actual rain. A strong wind out of the south will really extend the movement into the Great Lakes region. I hope that happens soon!

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Kirk Mona said...

Hey Roger, where do you get your sat. images?