Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big Move Tonight

Even in early spring a day can make a big difference on what birds are around. I went out with my friend Mark yesterday to see if anything exciting had shown up. We got a nice look at the eagle (above) on it's traditional nest in Lakeville, Mn and we found 4 species of goose at one lake (Canada, Cackling, White-fronted and Snow) but not much else.

Today, it was a different story. Hawks and eagles soaring overhead all day. House finches in bright spring plumage all over my feeders and from the sounds of the reports I've heard, it's just going to get better with lots of new migrants showing up just south of me.

Radar tonight shows a huge movement in Illinois and Indiana. This site shows a time loop of movement in the southern Great Lakes area. There is also a big movement in Texas, north of a line of rain just offshore in the gulf. I'm posting this as it is still early in the night (10:00 pm) so the movement may get even heavier in the next hour or so. If you are on line this is an interesting map. When you look at the time loop notice that every dot is headed pretty much straight north! If you are reading this in the morning, bookmark this URL to check out migration in your area.

Tomorrow is going to be a great birding day in the midwest!

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Kirk Mona said...


I made an animated loop of tonight's post-sunset migration bloom and put it on my blog. I linked back to yours since you've been posting all these great images. I wish you could download the loops, I had to build it by hand. You can see it at The Twin Cities Naturalist Blog.