Friday, December 5, 2008

A Non-Bird Observation

I have spent most of my birdwatching moments lately looking at the feeders in my backyard. With the cold weather, that is the most reliable and easiest birding on a daily basis. As many of you are aware, when you bird watch at feeders you also have the opportunity to do lots of squirrel watching too. Recently I have noticed a very industrious squirrel doing something I had not watched closely before. When I put a new ear of corn on the squirrel feeder I'll often see Bluejays come in and grab kernels and fly away. I also see squirrels park themselves on the feeder and gorge. However one particular fellow has spent a vast amount of time and effort burying kernels all over my yard. He'll bite off a seed, manipulate it with his mouth and paws and then run to a random spot in the yard, dig a small hole and bury the kernel. He uses his front paws to pat down the ground then he'll run back and repeat this same behavior over and over and over. I'm looking forward to a field of corn sprouting up in the yard around May.
I also want to say thanks for all the nice comments people leave on the blog. Keep those insights and suggestions coming.

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dAwN said...

LOL...please post a picture of your cornfield in the summer...