Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Project for Everyone

In the words of fictional President Jed Bartlett, "What's next?"

Now that election season is over and the Legacy Amendment has passed in Minnesota, it's time to think about the next direction in which to focus our energy. For those of us who study birds there is a great program from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology called Project Feederwatch. The thing that I like about this program is that it only asks people to do what they already do - watch birds. The data the lab gets from across the country are really valuable in noting trends in winter populations of birds and from the early reports in Minnesota, it could be an interesting winter of birding. There is a small fee to help cover processing of the information but I don't believe it is unreasonable.

If you think this is interesting check it out. The first observations start on Nov. 8 so you might want to hurry and then put your favorite chair by the window, pour yourself a cup of coffee and keep the feeders full. You never know what might show up!

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