Sunday, October 12, 2008

Behind the Times

Sometimes I feel really old when I'm trying to find something that I think shouldn't be too hard to get and find that the world is in the process of leaving me behind and in a bit of a jam.

I am going to be trying to catch Saw-whet Owls this week with Mark and one of the pieces of equipment needed is a tape lure (recorded owl call). I have a nice setup for my Sedge Wren project so I thought making a tape for owls wouldn't be a problem until I found out that in the digital world cassette tapes are quickly disappearing. To make matters worse, I was looking for a continuous loop tape like the kind found in old telephone answering machines. A lot of walking only brought looks of confusion from the young salespeople who may have never even used a cassette tape before. It got worse when I tried to explain that I wasn't going to use it in an answering machine but instead I was going to call owls, etc., etc., etc. The look in their eyes went from amused to blank.

Now this is where the digital world comes back and saves my bacon. It turns out a quick Google search gets me just what I need and I should have the tapes sometime this week. In the mean time I'm going to have to tape over the sedge wren tape and make a new one later. Isn't doing science fun?

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ivars krafts said...

You're not old as long as you remember what you are looking for! Best of luck on your new project.