Sunday, May 25, 2008

The last two nights of southerly winds have acted like a broom to sweep the migrant birds out of the area. I spent 3 hours at my nets this morning and only caught two birds, a female House Wren and a male American Robin. I listened and I looked pretty hard but I didn't see a single migrant. I heard only residents and worry that as quickly as the migration picked up, it may be over. Then I read about all the stuff still being seen in southern Wisconsin and I have a hope that more birds may be on their way. I'll check the radar tonight but we've had some storms moving through the north side of the Twin Cities metro region and I don't know how much is going to move north. I have one more day to try to get some bands on birds before it's back to work.

If it doesn't look like banding will be productive maybe I'll go see what I can find out in the countryside. Tonight however, I'm about to attack an M&M Blizzard!

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LauraO said...

Don't feel bad, I only caught 4 birds, 2 of them recaptures. In general it's been a horrible spring season, mostly due to weather. Oh well, fall will be here before we know it!