Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gettin' Out Of Town

I'll be heading up to Fergus Falls, MN today with some students so that we can compete in the Minnesota State Envirothon Conmpetition at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center.
Wish us luck!

A quick note from Mark Newstrom let me know the date of the Lakeville, MN Bird Fest is actually May 18th and not the 19th.

Congratulations to Birdchick for being part of the winning "digiscoping" team at last weekends World Series of Birding in New Jersey.

Birdwise it's been a bit slower the last couple of days. The Red-headed Woodpecker has not made another visit and I believe he has moved on. I did get a White-crowned Sparrow to hang out for a while in my yard yesterday. I hope to have a pretty good bird list from western Minnesota since I will be able to do some birding while my students are competing in their contest. I have never been to Fergus Falls and that part of the state is very interesting ecologically. It's part of the prairie pothole region and I'm hoping to pick up some things that have already moved through this part of the state.

More tomorrow!

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birdchick said...

Thanks, Roger. I'm still shocked we won. I did pay a price, they got a male indigo bunting in the nets at Carpenter while I was away.