Sunday, May 4, 2008

For Those Of You Who Want To Know

I posted some pretty lousy photos yesterday in order to boost the self esteem of all the other frustrated bird photographers out there and got some nice guesses as to what the birds were. The following photos are of the same birds in the same order.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Northern Waterthrush

Lincoln's Sparrow

We had another good day of banding in Wisconsin although it was quite windy again. Our catch was over thirty birds of a dozen species and we missed a number of species that were around but not fooled into flying into our nets. The best non-banded species were Pine Warbler and Rose-breasted Grosbeak. We did catch a couple of rather large species (at least compared to the other species we caught), those being Bluejay and Mourning Dove. We're looking forward to a week of warm and dry weather so we might get a few evenings of banding in after work. I wonder if the family will miss me?


troutbirder said...

Fun blog. Thanks. As a frustrated newbie bird photographer I can relate to the blurred pics.

bevson said...

Wahoo. I got 2 out of 3. Not bad.
I was really stretching for the Lincoln's since I have never seen one. And totally jealous.

mon@rch said...

I didn't even think about a Waterthrush!