Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Juncos Still Here

In spite of strong winds from the south the last two nights we still have a good number of juncos in the yard. I suspect they are individuals that wintered south of here and are moving through. They are feeding heavily along with Fox Sparrows. I haven't had a chance to get out to see what's around but others are reporting good movements into the southern parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. A mild cold front goes through tomorrow and then temperatures return to the 60s for the weekend.

We have a banding program on Saturday at the Lowry Nature Center in Carver Park reserve which is in Victoria Minnesota, just west of the Twin Cities. I hope to post pictures of anything interesting we catch and then it's off to do some banding in Wisconsin on Sunday. If anyone is interested in what we catch on Saturday, I'll be posting the totals on the website of the North Central Bird Observatory. You can check them there by Saturday evening.

Make sure you get out birding this weekend!

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Bevson said...

We still have some Juncos hanging around here too, although their numbers are dwindling. That being said a Whippoorwill has arrived 3 weeks early. Crazy.