Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's Getting Busy Out There!

We had a great day of bird banding in Wisconsin today. The morning started out very foggy and calm, which for banding is actually really good conditions because the birds tend to stay low. We weren't disappointed. 28 birds of 9 species. Not a bad way to start the banding season and it looks like more is on the way. Below is tonight's radar image from the Mississippi River Valley and it is just hopping out there. We should have lots of new birds tomorrow and the migrants wearing new "jewelry" from today will probably be far north by morning. Many of the birds had LOTS of stored fat on them meaning they are ready to go!

I will be putting some photos from today on the blog on Monday. Amber was kind enough to be our resident photographer again today and I agree with the many folks who have commented on her beautiful pictures. I am absolutely jealous...

Keep looking up!

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Scott Taylor said...

The songbird chorus is now starting at 5AM, well in advance of sunrise, its definitely become more than just the robins getting in on the action. And I've had house finches feeding at my window for 2 mornings now.