Friday, April 11, 2008

Birder's Conservation Handbook

A little while ago I posted a link to a Science Friday podcast featuring, among others, Jeff Wells who has written a new book called the Birder's Conservation Handbook. I listened to a more recent podcast interview with Jeff on Science Talk from Scientific American magazine. I found it very good and, in the end, positive.

On a not so positive note (unless the phrase is "positively dreadful") we have been battered by this most recent weather front for over 24 hours now. The impact here south of the Twin Cities is much less than in northern Minnesota but I have been watching large numbers of birds struggling to find food in the slush covered grasses. This is a really important time to keep feeders cleared of snow and full so that those early migrants have a chance. It is the risk that the early "adventurers" take when moving through Minnesota.

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