Friday, March 14, 2008

Trying to Remain Calm

The last couple of days have seen temperatures really turn springlike. The snow pack is quickly disappearing and patches of bare ground are showing up. The local birds are singing up a storm every morning. The cardinals and chickadees are doing their thing, we have owlets in a nearby nest and from just south of here we're getting reports of killdeer, great blue herons and early sparrows. But I try to remember that weather in Minnesota is a tricky proposition. Early next week there is the chance of snow and I know that getting too excited about the first early warm days can lead to great disappointment. On the other hand, tomorrow is a banding day at Lowry Nature Center in Victoria and we certainly hope to catch a few of the early migrants that might be around. As soon as I see the tulips breaking ground I'll admit spring is here.

If you're too busy to go birding, you're too busy.

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