Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hot Times in the Midwest

The weather has been the big topic concerning the natural world around here. The collapse of the 35W bridge is being covered to the nth degree and I don't need or want to contribute anything else. I'd rather stick with what I know and enjoy. Speaking of the weather, it is on it's way to being hot and muggy again this week. I was out bird banding yesterday morning and it was very quiet. I caught one Gray Catbird and I saw some other birds flitting around but we are in a bit of a doldrum birdwise. I know that others are seeing bird movement south (mostly shorebirds) and I expect it to continue to pick up. The best birds being seen around the state are good numbers of Buff Breasted Sandpipers. People are pretty excited. If we don't get rain soon, the dry conditions are going to impact waterbird migration. Maybe this week will see a change. On a side note my website has been updated so if you'd like to check it out go to www.ncbo.org.

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